SpaceCruft! SatNOGS SOCKS Proxy

The main server is located in Germany. From some locations, it can be slow to reach the server, depending on the route.

This server,, is located a Linode in New Jersey. It is a SOCKS proxy for SatNOGS, so you can "surf" the SatNOGS network from this server, which has a reasonably fast USA to Germany connection. This allows you to bypass other slow routers on the Internet.

To set up, you need to enable a SOCKS v5 proxy in your web browser. The settings should be like:

See this screenshot of a Firefox example configuration:

Note, while the SOCKS proxy is enabled, you won't be able to surf other parts of the Internet. This is only enabled to allow access to SatNOGS. The following domains are enabled: